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Leading-edge IT tools, ‘Smart’ Net processes, and in-depth education and training, make our auditors the most knowledgeable in the industry. We find overcharges and errors others can’t!


Don’t have the time or expertise to address freight cost overcharges?  Let us do the work and recover monies for you!


Our fastest growing service area involves education and consulting – showing you errors in your freight billing and teaching you how to fix them.

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After-Payment Freight Audit

AMTR’s signature service is a freight post audit. This service focuses on freight records after
payment has been made.


A pre-audit focuses on auditing freight records before our client sends out payment, to eliminate overpayments before they occur.

Pre-Audit and Pay

Our pre-audit and pay services focus on shipping audit records before payment with final payments made by AMTR on behalf of the client.

Consulting Services

As our auditor team is the most educated and experienced in the industry, we are perfectly positioned to advise and support clients in a variety of ways.

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