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The Nation’s only provider of ‘Smart’ Auditing—where human transportation experts (not automated systems) drive the audit process.

AMTR_DREinfographic-01_smallDiscover, Recover & Educate

Three pillars of our business underpin everything we do—Discover, Recover & Educate.

After-Payment Freight Audit

AMTR’s signature service, focusing on freight records after payment has been made.

  • After-payment analysis of all transportation invoices/charges
  • Line item audit of rates, accessorials, classifications, inspections, etc.
  • Identify overcharges such as contract/pricing errors, duplicate payments, density miscalculations, errors by automated rating systems, etc. (Discover)
  • Comprehensive claims management from filing to payment (Recover)
  • Customized, hassle-free processes to obtain paper/digital invoices & bills of lading for audit
  • Overcharge recovery adds funds back to bottom line & reduces future freight spend
  • Reports/Analytics provided (online) to track claims & augment process improvement efforts (Educate)
  • No upfront charges—contingency fee-based service—no risk, no cost

Education/Consulting Services

As our auditor team is the most educated and experienced in the industry, we are perfectly positioned to advise and support clients in a variety of ways.

  • Beyond claims recovery, we offer analysis/insight to reduce freight costs. Some examples include:
    • Overcharge Root Cause Analysis
    • Lane/Carrier/Fuel Usage Analysis
    • Volume/Weight/Mileage Analysis
    • Commodity/Dimension/Packaging/Discount Analysis
    • Trend Analysis Across any Factor
  • Customized reports/analysis generated based on unique client needs
  • Contract & pricing tariff interpretation/contract compliance determination
  • Process improvement/cost optimization advising

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