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Smart Auditing®

Smart Smart Auditing® Ensures
the Most In-depth Audit
Leading-edge IT (‘Smart’ Tech) and proprietary
knowledge-based audit processes (‘Smart’ Net)
unique in the industry

At AMTR, our process of freight bill auditing is very different from that offered by pre-audit and pay firms. The sole focus of our business model is what we call Smart Auditing®.

Smart Auditing® is an approach that involves human transportation experts—not just technology—driving the auditing process for every client. At AMTR, freight bill auditing begins with verifying bills and checking for payment errors, then goes much further to analyzing the totality of shipment information available to include all associated data, contracts, regulations and implied intents. This is a complex process that requires actual human intelligence in addition to computers.

Our staff of certified transportation auditors has over 160 years of combined experience and their collective knowledge is unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, they are enabled by state-of-the art technology tools to uncover what others cannot. Even if your company has an internal audit process, it simply cannot dedicate the time or apply the depth of expertise to freight bill analysis that AMTR can.

We will not only identify overcharges and file claims on your behalf, but we will also educate you on how you can prevent errors in the future. Why not let us help you to know more about your freight bill processing?

We are the leading provider of ‘Smart’ Services. Why ‘Smart’?

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