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Vision, Mission and Core Values


We envision being the nation’s premier provider of expert-based, after-payment freight auditing and transportation knowledge services working with shippers to reduce their costs and enhance operational efficiencies.

Our mission is to help shippers recover overcharges and reduce future freight spend using a Smart Auditing® approach which is built on a foundation of expert auditors, enabled by leading-edge IT tools and proprietary knowledge-based discovery processes.

Core Values

Act with Integrity
Conduct all business transactions and personal relationships with the utmost integrity.

Work with Passion & Tenacity
Let our passion for auditing be revealed in the tenacity with which we do it!

Strive for Excellence
Give every task our “best effort” and aim for high-quality results.

Seek Knowledge Always
Having exceptional transportation knowledge and expertise is our competitive advantage; continuous learning and professional education is a must.

Treat Others with Respect
Always treat each other and clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Empower Employees
Each employee is empowered to “own” their tasks and be accountable for the outcomes.

Be Considerate
Understand “life happens”; support each other in balancing work/life/family as much as possible.

Partner with Clients
Understand we must partner and collaborate with clients to truly educate and serve them.

Embrace Our Uniqueness
Understand that our business and employees are uniquely different which makes us stand out in the crowd.

Teamwork is Essential
Our work is so multi-faceted and complex that “no one can go it alone”; teamwork is a must to get the job done.

Be Excited & Positive
The future holds great promise for every employee and the company as a whole!

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