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Education/Consulting Services

Business Intelligence Transportation knowledge combined with reports,
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improvement and optimization efforts
Offer Education/Consulting
Beyond the Audit

Our fastest growing service offering is consulting. As our auditor team is the most educated and experienced in the industry, we are perfectly positioned to advise and support clients in a variety of ways. Some of our most common consulting engagements involve:

  • Problem identification through data analysis of all systems involved in movement, rating and payment of transportation transactions
  • LTL, TL Contract development/negotiation
  • Contract or Tariff interpretation/application
  • Additional support for SOX compliance through carrier validation and correct carrier payment verification
  • Knowledge of the market rates and how they relate to your current costs
  • Data mining customers’ data to compile hidden knowledge that adds valuable information to any transportation decision

Perhaps you don’t have the in-house expertise or time to address such issues. Maybe you would just like another opinion. Whatever your situation, we are positioned to help. Contact us to further discuss and explore our possible solutions.

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