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AMTR Difference

Unrivaled Staff Auditor education requirements most rigorous in Nation Unrivaled Transportation Experts

Doing it ‘Smart’

Our mission at AMTR is simple — to deliver a portfolio of superior freight auditing, consulting, and support services to organizational transportation/logistics/supply chain functions in order to recover freight overcharges and improve logistics processes. We offer expertise in the fields of rail, truck, barge, and other modes of freight transport.

The AMTR difference is our ‘Smart’ approach. In an industry where deregulation and computerization has driven pervasive transportation-related knowledge loss, our Smart Auditing® approach is one that is centered heavily on the talents of human, expert auditors. Combined our auditors possess over 100+ years of experience.

Certified Transportation Cost Auditors

At AMTR every auditor goes through a rigorous process of education and training. Our program includes the study of transportation and logistics law, database fundamentals, AMTR proprietary ‘Smart’ Tech tools and knowledge-based ‘Smart’ Net processes, as well as the completion of a five-year program – 3 years as trainee and 2 years as an apprentice. As such, they become ‘Smart’ audit experts not just audit clerks. This allows us to discover problems, recover overcharges, and, if desired, educate our clients on internal logistic process improvements or on other transportation/freight cost-related issues at a depth and quality that sets us apart from all other post audit firms.

Bottom Line: AMTR can deliver in-depth auditing services that automated systems can’t and your staff, which is spread across many competing tasks, doesn’t have time to conduct!

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