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After-Payment Freight Audit Experts

Are We?

Home of Smart Auditing®

Freight overcharge recovery experts!

Largest, expert-based after-payment (post) freight audit firm in the U.S.

40+ years experience – many Fortune 50/100/500 clients

Deep rail/LTL/ocean expertise/knowledge unmatched among peer competitors

Shipper partnerships based on trusting, long-term, personal relationships

How Are We Different?

Smart Auditing® Means

Human Touch

Expert, human auditors drive the auditing process—not just automated software/algorithms


Education, training, & credentialing requirements ensure auditors are most knowledgeable in the transportation industry


Auditors are enabled by leading-edge IT tools & proprietary, knowledge-based overcharge discovery processes

We Don’t Guess, We Know

Paid claims rates average >90% across all modes

What Do We Do?

After-Payment (Post) Audit

Return Freight Spend $

20% of invoices have errors

20-30% contain recoverable $

Pre-audit—No Problem

Post audit is a perfect complement

Auditing after automated systems is our specialty

Experts Lead Every Audit

Apply deep knowledge of client shipping/products

Handle claims end-to-end for client

Never Costs, Only Pays!  

Fees based on % of recoveries

We don’t get paid unless the client does

Award Winning

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