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The message that the automation and computerization of auditing services is not always a good thing seems to be increasingly prevalent in today’s media. In the Nov. ’13 issue of Atlantic Monthly, Nicholas Carr writes on the dangers of automation:

We learn by doing. When we stop doing, we start forgetting… an expert can spot patterns, evaluate signals, and react to changing circumstances with speed and precision that can seem uncanny. What looks like instinct is hard-won skill, skill that requires exactly the kind of struggle that modern software seeks to alleviate.

At AMTR, we understand the upside of technology and automation, but have always kept our primary focus on human experts for these very reasons. This philosophy provides the basis for our ‘Smart’ audit approach. Regardless of the type of auditing, consulting, or support we provide, you can be confident our services are powered by the power of human knowledge first and foremost.

AMTR’s signature service is the After-Payment Freight Audit. This service focuses on freight records after payment has been made (either by our client, or by our client’s third-party payment firm). The purpose is to discover and recover overcharges. Overcharges occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from simple clerical errors to complex rate interpretations. Read more >

A pre-audit focuses on auditing freight records before our client sends out payment. The purpose of a pre-audit service is to eliminate overpayments before they occur; a process that proves easier than working to recover overpayments after the fact. In order for a pre-audit to be conducted, carriers send client freight bills to AMTR directly. Read more >

Our fastest growing service offering is consulting. As our auditor team is the most educated and experienced in the industry, we are perfectly positioned to advise and support clients in a variety of ways. Read more >

We are the leading provider of ‘Smart’ Services. Why ‘Smart’?

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