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Freight Pre-Audit and Pay Services

Our pre-audit and pay services focus on an audit of freight records before payment with final payments made by AMTR on behalf of the client. In order for a pre-audit to be conducted, carriers send client freight bills to AMTR directly. Our expert auditors analyze the bills against a backdrop of in-depth knowledge of tariffs, rules, regulations, and previous experience. Where errors are identified, correction documents with appropriate references are supplied for our clients and the carriers. Final payments are issued by AMTR.

The purpose of the pre-audit and pay service it to help eliminate overpayments due to carrier billing errors, duplicate payments, and other payment errors.  Freight bills are also paid on a timely basis which allows taking advantage of quick payment incentives. This service can relieve Accounts Payable congestion and related overhead along with reducing overall freight expenses. It can also improve freight record processing. This service is also offered to small/medium size shippers that need an outsourced traffic department.

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