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'Smart' Net

Over the years, AMTR has created a unique innovation we call ‘Smart’ Net.

‘Smart’ Net is a set of proprietary processes, enabled by leading-edge software tools, that allows our auditors to crawl shipper/carrier freight system data to identify duplicate billing, rating problems, routing issues and a plethora of other scenarios where the customer is overpaying to a carrier. These are errors that are rarely uncovered with “off the shelf” software alone. Using advanced database systems, query structures based on codified auditor knowledge, and time-tested data mining and analytic frameworks, we have evolved a set of tightly integrated processes that cast the widest “net” possible to find even the most elusive errors for our clients. Moreover, ‘Smart’ Net is constantly evolving and getting better; as our auditors uncover new issues and errors, their findings are quickly incorporated in a new version.

To be clear, ‘Smart’ Net is not rating software, and it never takes the place of our auditor experts! Our job is to find the little discrepancies for every billing system, and every client. The power of ‘Smart’ Net comes from the synergy between auditor expert knowledge and highly-customized IT tools and processes. When our auditors discover new, complex issues and errors, we add these new scenarios to our proprietary database of search criteria.

Our ‘Smart’ Net system is unique in the industry! It allows AMTR to audit at a depth and quality that sets us apart, and as such, allows us to consistently recover more money for our clients

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