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06 Sep 2013

Our Job: Always Knowing The Rates

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Rate increases announced in June 2013 by freight carriers will take effect within a month.  These rate hikes affect freight that moves across continents.  Officials from Zim, one of the largest international shipping companies in the world, says that increased rates are needed for shippers to stay competitive.  Zim also says they’ve worked hard to improve customer service and resources during a time of overall weak shipping trade, and hopes are that everyone will benefit.

Other freight companies and industries are hiking rates too.

What does this mean for you?  It means that it is more important than ever to have the knowledgeable team of auditing experts at American Truck & Rail in place to make sure your company is being charged the correct rates.  Industries change, markets change, and rates change (sometimes daily!).  AMTR’s certified auditors provide you an inexpensive source of expert knowledge about current shipping rates.  We can assist your company through a Pre-Payment Audit.  Every freight bill you receive is reviewed for rate errors, billing errors, and duplicate payments, in a timely manner, before it is paid.

Because we only focus on freight rates, we are experts on freight rates!   All we can do is save you money.  Contact us today for a consultation.


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