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Shippers and carriers get on the same page when it comes to calculating shipment weights.

The proposed clarifications and additions to NMFC Item 110 Section 8 are intended to provide a detailed methodology in determining density and to ensure that both shippers and carriers provide accurate information for rating purposes. AMTR auditors have the knowledge and experience to ensure the methodology and application are in accordance with these proposed changes.

A recent review by the CCSB determined that there was no single, universal method used by carriers to determine density. If shipping documents for multiple handling units show only the total weight of all units, rather than the individual weights of each unit, density is inaccurately calculated by dividing the total weight by the total cube. This calculation may be inaccurate and could cost you more money.  By determining the density of each handling unit by their individual weights and dimensions, a more accurate classification will be applied, and will likely result in reduced freight charges.   If a weight breakdown is not provided, density may be determined based on the total weight and total cube.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide detailed weight information.  If the carrier believes the information provided on the shipping documents is erroneous, a complete and accurate inspection per the guidelines of the NMFC can be issued. These expectations of both parties are simply to ensure that shippers are billed accurately and carriers are paid accurately.

The AMTR bottom line:

  • These proposed definitions put shippers and carriers on the same page when it comes to density calculations by individual weights and dimensions.

  • It is in the shipper’s favor to list each unit of a shipment on documents to ensure accurate density calculations.

An AMTR “Smart Audit” can discover these errors, recover overages billed, and assure that the correct rates are being applied moving forward.  Contact us today!


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