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Are you 100% sure your Automated Freight Payment System is 100% accurate?

Automated Freight Payment Systems are a very economical investment. They allow companies to quickly and easily add automated payment management to their workflow, by allowing companies to set criteria for managing their expenses. But, they are not Humans, and so they fail to authorize 3-5% of invoices because they do not meet their predetermined criteria.

For instance, say your carrier and Automated System expect your current shipment should cost $500, with a tolerance, or margin of difference, of $25. This means that when the invoice comes in at $525, everything seems correct and the bill gets paid. But what if that invoice instead comes in at $550? The system kicks it out as “out of tolerance”, and you need to handle it manually.

Who is going to reconcile these types of invoices? Is your company just going to pay them anyway, or thoroughly examine them for errors or issues? The wonderful automated system replaced most, if not all, of your transportation experts! Is your company willing to possibly spend more than you should on 3-5% of your invoices? The Automated System was employed to eliminate the expense of staff and trained experts, so you likely don’t have people, or time, to handle this sort of issue. This is exactly where American Truck & Rail comes in.

Let the humans at AMTR put ‘Smart Auditing’ to work for you, and save you the money computers can’t!

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