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Summer is almost here, and temperatures in many areas of the country are already high. Freeze protect season just ended a couple of months ago and has given way to heat protect season. Shippers who routinely dispatch refrigerated or frozen goods are likely quite familiar with this concept. But is your company taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure prompt and safe delivery, as well as correct charges?

Temperature-sensitive freight shippers should always select a carrier who has experience with refrigerated loads and of course, the proper equipment. Reliability is a key factor in keeping your product in good condition. Another key factor is communication. Be very detailed in explaining your product’s unique requirements. Ensure that the product is kept at the correct temperature all throughout the shipping process. Temperature-sensitive freight may be ruined if it is kept in a location which does not have the ability to keep freight refrigerated. Logs must be maintained proving that the product remained within the appropriate temperature range throughout the entire shipping process. Discuss with the carrier what type of program is in place to recover costs associated with damaged freight.

Temperature controlled shipments are more costly to the carrier, and these extra costs are passed on to the freight payer. Truckload carriers may bill a special linehaul to offset the costs. Others bill as an accessorial fee on top of the regular linehaul charges. You may be billed based on a quote, private contract, or public tariff. With so many possibilities, making sure you have been billed correctly on your temperature-sensitive shipments can be difficult. Furthermore, there is much room for error. AMTR is here to help you keep down your summer freight costs. Let us audit your freight bills and recover your erroneous and overcharged temperature protect fees.

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