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14 Sep 2015

Driving distractions

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Sonia Straface from Trucknews.com reports on the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada’s conference, and a talk by Jamie Trull on the dangers of distracted driving.

Talking and texting on cell phones top the list, but other factors contribute to a driver’s distractions. Eating, changing the radio or trying to get something in your vehicle can cause just as much distraction to your driving. 

“Distracted driving has become a main source for roadway fatalities, injuries, and collisions” states Jamie Trull, Health & Safety Program Developer at the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association. Trull provides additional statistics as well as the three main causes of why we become distracted while driving. He also states that because of all the electronics in our lives, the research shows that our attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2013.

Trull believes that fleet owners and machinery companies are not only increasing awareness of these distractions, but also enforcing news policies and protocols for all drivers. There are several ways to prevent distractions while driving vehicles/machinery. Trull provides excellent insight for all the distracting driving dilemmas that we are faced with during these times.

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