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Something we hear shippers say all the time is that they “always verify the rate” before paying freight bills. Of course, this is an important first step in paying freight bills correctly, but the bigger question is how was the rate actually verified?

If the rate was verified using a rate engine, either internally or on a carrier website, it cannot be assured that the rate is correct. What if the rate engine was programmed incorrectly? What if a typo was made when entering rates into the engine or an important rate parameter was overlooked? You may get a matching rate, but that just means that you have verified an incorrect rate without knowing it. What if your rates come from a carrier representative or rate clerk Remember, they are using the same rate engine and will suffer the same consequences if the rate engine is incorrect. Maybe you think you are safe because you verify each rate directly from the contract or tariff. This may not provide assurance if the contract or tariff has typos, copy-paste errors or other mistakes—something that we find is happening at an increasing rate as carriers rely more on computers and less on humans to craft these documents. AMTR doesn’t just verify the rate–we audit the entirety of freight bills, digging deeper to verify the accuracy of rate engines, tariff notes and contract wording.

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