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Effective January 1, 2016, YRC Freight will be charging a $2 per shipment fee to customers receiving paper invoices via USPS. Impacted shippers will need to change processes to receive invoices electronically or pay the price.

YRC will offer four different paperless options—email, EDI, APIs, and self- service invoice retrieval. Shippers should visit http://yrc.com. for more information or contact YRC at e-invoice.setup@yrcfreight.com to understand more about the change and requirements for electronic setup.


  • By Donna Faulkner / 28 Jan 2016 / Reply

    How do I sign up.

  • By Lester Kuhlman / 09 Feb 2016 / Reply

    I want to receive YRC invoices by email. How do I do this?

    Les Kuhlman

    • By Niki Bolton / 05 May 2016 / Reply

      Hi Lester – sorry for the delay in response. If you haven’t found your answer, here is the information that was provided directly from a YRC account manager:
      YRC offers several paperless options.
      • Email – One invoice per email or multiple invoices in one PDF. Email your account information to e-invoice.setup@yrcfreight.com.
      • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – go to http://yrc.com/edi-resource-center/ to get started.
      • Application Programing Interfaces (API) – Programmatically request invoice or back up documents. Go to http://yrc.com/api/ to get started.
      • Self-Invoicing – Leverage YRC.com for self-service reporting, invoice retrieval, and payment. Go to YRC.com to get started. Email e-invoice.setup@yrcfreight.com when you are ready to turn off paper invoices.
      *Effective January 2016, YRC Freight will implement a $2 per shipment fee to
      customers receiving paper invoices via USPS
      Hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions. You can contact me directly at nbolton@www.amtr.com

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