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AMTR Implementation Team Makes It Easy!

We often hear from potential clients that they know their companies could benefit from freight cost audits, but they just don’t know how to get started. They say it’s too hard due to the difficulties of dealing across organizational stovepipes such as accounting, IT and transportation, as well as the challenges associated with coordinating across a large number of disparate, geographically separated activities.

Whatever the complication may be, rest assured that AMTR has an Implementation Team ready to help. Our Team consists of expert auditors, IT personnel and audit support specialists who can work hand in hand with clients—on-site if necessary—to develop a simple, tailored plan for implementation and rollout. And this service is offered at no cost to the client! We have years of experience setting up audit processes for companies large and small. Don’t let the fear of challenges stop you from asking about our services. Contact AMTR and see how easy saving on freight costs can really be!

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