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25 Jan 2016

Transportation Law is Complex

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Have AMTR Experts on Your Side

Although resolved for now, recent lawsuits against the major U.S. railroads regarding the impacts of positive train control (PTC) highlighted the complexity of transportation law. Who exactly has jurisdiction when there is a problem? Where does one go to voice concerns and get relief? When it comes to shipping via rail or truck, there is a myriad of government bodies and rules and regulations that can impact shipments.

It takes a transportation expert to begin to understand the applicable transportation law as accounting technicians and rate clerks are rarely equipped with all the knowledge necessary to comprehensively audit a freight bill. Years of education, training and experience are required to assess a freight bill, understand applicable law and find the best, most appropriate rate. All AMTR auditors are required to be certified in transportation law; this is exactly why shippers need us on their side.

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