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The month of February often brings to mind thoughts of hearts and cupids.

For AMTR , however, it is the time of year we reflect on how much we LOVE to recover cash for our customers. Our auditors pore over every detail of a client’s freight bills and analyze them for trends over long periods of time to find unseen overcharges. We take as much time as is required to thoroughly investigate all transportation bills and payments, both common and irregular, as well as scrutinizing the contracts and tariffs themselves. We LOVE nothing better than to return cash to our clients—cash that can be added back to their bottom line.

Do you have anyone on staff who can commit similar time and energy to such audit activities? If so, do they have the necessary personal experience or an entire staff of experienced auditors with decades of knowledge in transportation law and regulation to back them up? If not, why not let AMTR serve as your full-time auditor? With AMTR ‘s signature service—the after-payment freight audit— your freight bills will get the time and attention of an entire staff of expert certified auditors at absolutely no cost. That’s right, our service never costs—it only pays! What’s not to LOVE about that?

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