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18 Feb 2016

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

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The dangers of being too reliant on automation.

At AMTR , we frequently hear that freight bill auditing is no longer necessary because computers take care of everything. If that were truly the case, AMTR would have been out of business some time ago. Instead, we continue to recover overcharges for clients year after year, even though some of them have multi-million dollar computer systems that handle all freight and payments. The fact is that no matter how many shipping scenarios are programmed in our clients’ computers or the computers of their outsourced prepay or logistics companies, there will always be exceptions.

With so much automation on both the carriers’ and clients’ sides, the actual bills are rarely examined by humans. As such, when complicated scenarios such as diversions, holds, cancels and rebills occur, they are often rated incorrectly and no one notices.

Furthermore, until a human looks at those bills and identifies the errors, the automated programs cannot be fixed. This is a dangerous case of “what you don’t know can hurt you.” Rest assured, AMTR has a great respect for technology but always keeps knowledgeable experts in the loop, reviewing bills with human eyes to see what computers cannot.

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