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Do you have a great TMS (transportation management system) that accommodates all your lanes and rates? It is true–such systems can generate significant time and money savings as they can quickly process a large volume of invoices, saving payroll time on your end and finance charges at the carrier’s end. However, do you encounter “exceptions” that don’t fit into any known rate? Is your accounts payable department making manual payments on these exceptions?

The fact is that exceptions are where we recover vast amounts of money for our clients. Exceptions can include rail scenarios such as overloaded cars, rejected products, redirect loads, and truck scenarios such as multiple redeliveries and applicable protection charges to name just a few. These exceptions result in fees that can rarely be programmed into an automated system or TMS. The same thing applies to accessorial charges. When you face exceptions or accessorial charges, how do you truly know what to pay? If your company does not have a professionally-trained transportation expert to investigate these charges, you are likely overpaying. If you are an AMTR client—because we have all of your contracted pricing, have read all your fine print and know all the rules tariffs—we will make sure you pay only what you owe, regardless of the complexity of the exception or accessorial scenario. At AMTR, our human, expert auditors intervene to help save you the money automation can’t.

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