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Are you familiar with the Railroad Freight Tariff RIC 6007? Most consider this document the “mileage payout” tariff; however, this regulation also contains rules for the movement of empty cars. Many changes were issued last year with regard to the movement of empty cars. Most notably were some new rules from certain carriers stating that they would begin assessing mileage-based charges upon certain movements of empty private tank cars to and from repair facilities. Also of note, Rail Inc. finally published its long-awaited revision of RIC 6007-O, six years after releasing RIC 6007-N and its 30 plus supplements. AMTR employees are familiar with RIC 6007 and use it in conjunction with other rules tariffs to ensure that you are not charged for a move which should be free. Examples include moves that allow a free diversion after unloading and time limits for returning a car free after a loaded line-haul. Knowing all the nuances of your rail shipments, even the empty ones, is the AMTR difference.

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