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The word “audit” often gets a bad rap. For many, it has a negative connotation, as it elicits images of a process focused on finding things that have gone wrong rather than right and further extrapolated to imply someone will be in trouble because of it. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, however, an audit is “a complete and careful examination of the financial records of a business or person” or “a careful check or review of something.” These definitions capture the positive aspects of an audit. Who would not want a “complete and careful” review, especially of financial records of any sort? At AMTR, the focus of our review is on freight cost invoices. When we “audit” these invoices the only outcomes are good ones! We discover errors, we recover lost freight monies, and then we educate our shipping clients about how the errors occurred in the first place. The business intelligence reports and analyses we deliver to our clients are never focused negatively on any specific individual or process, but are tailored to meet specific client requirements. The reality is that shipper and carrier errors are rarely malicious in nature—it is the complex nature of freight cost calculation that underlies most issues. So don’t think of a freight cost audit as a bad thing—it’s all good! No one gets in trouble and freight money can be added back to the bottom line. Let AMTR experts give your freight costs a complete and careful review and experience all the positives an audit can bring.

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