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The LTL trucking industry faces many changes on a daily basis. Some of these changes involve the classification or re-classification of products, as governed by the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB). The role of the CCSB is to evaluate proposals for establishing or amending the classification of commodities, commodity descriptions, classes, rules, packaging definitions, specifications and requirements. These classification-related provisions are then published in supplements and codified in the NMFC. As changes generated by the CCSB can be many, managing them can be time consuming and difficult. As such, how can you be sure your freight has not been impacted?

With AMTR on your side, you can be assured that none of these important changes will be missed. Our team of expert truck auditors review the CCSB Public Dockets Files regularly to stay on top of all the latest updates so you can be assured of getting the best freight rates possible.

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