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24 May 2016

Freight Bills from the Future

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Big Impacts of Small Data Errors

At AMTR, we view millions of freight bills every year. Given our 35+ year history, there is probably no billing mistake that we have not seen. Every section of a freight bill can contain incorrect data, and no carrier is immune to making such mistakes. As an example, we recently audited a Class I railroad bill with a waybill date of December 2016. That’s right—a bill from the future! In this case, all the error generated was a chuckle, but that is rarely the case.

Small errors can generate a big impact. Examples include wrong dates or cities generating wrong rates, and missing decimals for CWT rates leading to miscalculations. Such data errors are easily overlooked by accounting departments that simply do not know what to look for or by transportation departments that are just trying to keep a product moving.

AMTR freight auditors assume every bill has a mistake, so we scour each one to find them and recover the overcharges that result.

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