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24 May 2016

Freight Cost Audit

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About More Than Just Recovering Money

As companies work hard to achieve supply chain efficiencies, they don’t always recognize the idea of a freight cost audit as a valuable part of a broader solution mix. Of course, one of the primary outcomes of a freight cost audit is the recovery of freight overcharges for the client. Yes, getting “money back” is exciting in its own right for a client, but AMTR suggests that true benefits only begin there.

At AMTR, we work hard to provide reports and analyses to customers that they can use to jumpstart new or integrate with existing process improvement or cost optimization efforts—it is a key component of our company’s “educate” strategy. Furthermore, because our work is driven by human expert auditors, we collaborate one-on-one with clients to tailor offerings to specific reporting or analysis needs. For instance, analysis on accounts can identify tactical problems such as repetitive inaccurate surcharges or unnecessary accessorial charges, as well as offer broader strategic insight as to lane usage, carrier selection, and route optimization.

So, the next time you think about the value of a freight cost audit, think beyond freight spend returns to how you might use the information and knowledge gained from that audit to optimize and improve your transportation/supply chain operations. AMTR has 35+ years of experience in the business; call us to discuss all the ways a freight cost audit can benefit your company.

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