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22 Jun 2016

AMTR Freight Auditors

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Most knowledgeable & hands-on for clients

For as long as AMTR has been in existence, our business model has put human, transportation experts at the center of our freight auditing services. Our team of auditors are arguably the most knowledgeable in the industry; each and every one having successfully passed a rigorous apprentice and training program as well as completed required certifications in transportation law, motor carrier operations, etc. Does this mean that AMTR only uses brainpower and not technology to accomplish audits? Absolutely not! We have a robust technology architecture which we call “Smart Tech” and time-tested data mining and overcharge discovery processes we call “Smart Net” that support our auditors in their work, but human auditors are always in the lead. At AMTR we use technology to augment our human experts not to replace them. As such, every client account gets human attention that results on a much more hands-on audit and a closer customer service relationship. Where automated freight audits based on pre-programmed algorithms can only identify the most standard errors, our human auditors get to know our clients and their freight operations on a deeper level which allows more extensive and higher-dollar overcharge recovery. When thinking about freight cost audits for your company get “Smart” and let the experts at AMTR work on your behalf!

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