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When a tariff is replaced by a completely new tariff errors can and will occur. As an example, in a recent audit of one of our client (shipper) accounts, it was discovered that a tariff which had been used for many years had been reissued into a new tariff. The new tariff was published and included discounted rates for one month to ease the transition. In the process of auditing for the client, it was discovered that transition rates had been loaded into the shipper’s freight rating system several months late. This resulted in hundreds of invoices being overpaid. Furthermore, it was found that one of the lanes was published at a considerably higher rate after the one month transition period. AMTR intervened for the client and contacted the railroad to determine the intent for such an increase and, in the process, confirmed that the higher published rate was actually an error (which was corrected in later tariff updates).

The moral of the story is that if you don’t have in-house experts examining your freight charges at this level of detail, then you are probably experiencing unnecessary overcharges. Let AMTR do it for you!

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