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20 Sep 2016

Who Has Time to Read Fine Print?

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We do!

Increasingly, tariffs and contracts are created either automatically or by copying and pasting bits and pieces. Either way, AMTR’s expert auditors spend a great deal of time auditing the contracts and tariffs themselves, in addition to auditing freight bills and freight bill data. There are instances where errors in the actual contract or tariff occur. This is a practice unique to AMTR’s “Smart” Audits. Carriers usually have no knowledge of these errors until claims are filed on our client’s behalf. Writing contracts and tariffs is not an easy job, especially given the volume of tariffs and contracts that a carrier has to create and update on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, the writers are overwhelmed and rushed; however, customers are usually the ones who suffer for it, and in many cases only a trained and experienced freight cost auditor can discover all of these issues. Let AMTR invest our time into saving you money.

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