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20 Sep 2016

Value Is About More Than Just Price

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What does “value” mean to you? Lowest price? Highest quality? Something else? If you are not exactly sure, know that you are not alone. Recent conversations with some of our current and prospective customers remind us that the value of an

After-Payment Freight Audit, especially an AMTR Audit, is not always well understood.

To explore the idea of value, we will begin with price. It is often said that “price” is what one pays for a given product or service while “value” is what any given product or service is worth. Worth can be measured in many ways—in financial terms, productivity terms, emotional terms, etc. When shopping for an After-Payment Freight Audit, it is important that customers consider both price and value. At AMTR, our price comes in the form of a percentage of freight overcharge recoveries, but we work hard to create additional value for our customers beyond the basic audit by: 1) establishing close, personal relationships with our transportation experts, 2) providing customer-specific audits and analysis, 3) offering best-practice and optimization recommendations, 4) committing time to problem investigation that customers cannot, and 5) offering comprehensive claims management to name just a few.

So, when considering After-Payment Freight Audit services, be wary of making decisions based on price alone. Think about what the services mentioned above would be worth to your company. Get “Smart” and explore the value AMTR can offer your

company today!

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