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22 Nov 2016

Inspecting the Inspections

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The bill of lading is the legal documentation of goods being shipped. Within the information provided on a bill of lading is the classification of these goods. These details may include a piece count, packaging details, dimensions, noun description, weight, NMF classification number or any other specific information. The information listed on the bill of lading dictates how the shipment is classified for rating purposes.

However, there are exceptions to every rule. Per NMF 100 Item 360 Sec. 3 & Sec. 4, a carrier has the right to inspect the physical characteristics of any shipment. When inspections are completed, they may be used as supplements to the bill of lading and will allow the carrier to bill according to the inspected property’s proper description, weight or both.

At this point, one should ask if the inspections themselves are being “inspected.” Just as bills of lading may contain errors, so may inspections. Errors may range from simple to complex—from calculation or rounding errors and the misapplications of exceptions, to rules, classifications and entry errors. No solutions will allow inspections to be error-free. The solution AMTR can offer, however, is an experienced team of trained auditors that are able to inspect your inspections for errors and save you money!

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