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There is a phrase we repeat often at AMTRif you are not asking questions, then you are not auditing. There are a multitude of reasons to question every notation and charge on a freight bill. There are often areas of interpretation and contingency that must be explored in further depth to execute a complete and thorough freight cost audit. It is insufficient to determine how a carrier rates the invoice; it is only a first step.

The AMTR Smart Auditing® approach goes deeper to ask all possible questions and explore a variety of scenarios.  Beyond checking for the face value and mathematical correctness of carrier invoices, AMTR asks questions about charges such as: Are there multiple rates that apply? Did the shipment move without any exceptions? Did the carrier perform all requested services? This kind of multipath investigation at progressively finer levels of detail and complexity cannot be executed by a simple rating program. To be fair, rating programs are good at identifying errors they are programmed to catch, but you can bet there are others left unidentified–errors that are costing you money!

By questioning everything, AMTR is able to bring to bear the outcomes of our industry knowledge, research tools, data analytics and decades of auditing expertise to provide our customers the highest quality freight audits in the industry. Let AMTR ask the right questions for you.

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