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One of the many tasks performed at AMTR is the investigation of all available rates. Most companies who say they audit freight invoices are only running customer-specific criteria through a rate engine that is preset with rates the client has provided. At AMTR, there are several layers of investigation performed when reviewing a customer’s lanes. This will include requesting any negotiated contract rates from the client, as well as a comprehensive review of all of the carrier’s published rates. Many times, we will discover rates for the same lane and criteria in multiple items or documents. 

Within all these documents are also notes, conditions and exceptions. A client may not realize that contract rates are often made and set without this detailed comparison. Additionally, rates such as public mileage scale items may not be updated routinely, whereas your contract rates take set increases annually. Sometimes these increases actually surpass the public rates. We bring this type of scenario to the client’s attention and suggest that they revise their contract. Clients often trust that the carrier is giving them the best rate. Arm yourselves with knowledge—the type of knowledge that only AMTR can provide.

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