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A shipment’s lineal foot measurement is the amount of floor space occupied from the nose to the door axis of a trailer. Lineal foot charges are assessed by carriers on shipments where the lineal footage exceeds the limit set in the carrier’s rules tariff or their contract with a shipper, with height and width thresholds coming into consideration, as well. The majority of lineal foot charges are assessed through an elevated mileage rate or through a rerating of the shipment at a pounds per cubic foot calculation and a specified rating class.

Whether or not a shipper is subject to lineal foot charges is often dependent upon how efficiently a carrier loads handling units. For example, take eight skids measuring 40Lx48Wx60H. The minimum amount of linear feet this shipment could occupy is 13.333, achieved through loading the skids two wide oriented so they take full advantage of the trailer’s width, while minimizing length. Orienting the skids so they fit two wide but do not take full advantage of the trailer’s width, 48Lx40Wx60H, results in a linear footage of 16. The net difference is 2.667 linear feet, and potentially thousands of dollars.

AMTR has experience in identifying incorrectly loaded shipments that resulted in lineal foot charges and has in-house applications that allows the creation of a three-dimensional model of optimal handling unit layouts. Let AMTR take a look at your large volume shipments to see if lineal foot charges are being applied in error.

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