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26 Jan 2017

Smart Auditing© Means Fresh Thinking

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There is no doubt that technology has improved our personal and professional lives in many ways. According to Sydney Finkelstein of BBC, “We live in a world of curation. The internet—aided by algorithms that predict what we search, buy, listen to, read, watch and even who we want to date and marry—expertly helps [us to] find what we want.” We humans enjoy this, as our interests, opinions and thoughts are continually reinforced. However, the dark side is that we do not realize how these algorithms, formed from previous searches and actions, are bounding our thinking and exposure to new ideas. A similar idea was highlighted in a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “Beware the Confirmation Trap When Analyzing Data,” which stated, “…we’re likely to pay more attention to findings that align with our beliefs and to ignore other facts and patterns in the data.”

When these ideas are applied to freight audits, it becomes clear that they should not be accomplished in a silo. No single rate engine, publication or algorithm can always accurately determine the correct charges to be billed to a shipper. That is what Smart Auditing© is all about—combining leading-edge technological tools and, most importantly, the creative minds of human, expert auditors who are not trapped by algorithms or even the common patterns of thinking that can evolve in organizations.

Start the year off “Smart” by letting AMTR help you avoid confirmation traps and the consequences of bounded thinking. Fresh minds and a new look at your freight costs mean greater refund savings for you!

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