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28 Feb 2017

Sync Your Systems and Save

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An issue which AMTR has consistently observed to produce billing errors is the disparity between what a shipper thinks happens versus what actually occurs. This can manifest in many different situations. Sometimes carriers reroute shipments for the convenience or needs of their operations. Contract rates that take longer than anticipated to negotiate are not applied correctly, the amount billed does not reconcile with the amount paid to the carrier because their order and payment systems are not synced, or there may be other applicable documents such as emails, applied credits or manual adjustments made to bills.

It is not an uncommon practice for bills to be updated one or even numerous times and the incorrect or multiple bills to be paid. Many times the only way to see these trends is with a long-term historical perspective on all of a shipper’s freight bills and payments. This is exactly what AMTR Smart Auditing© does, by looking at the long term trends of both freight bills and their associated payments using our proprietary IT tools. Let AMTR get your company in sync with its refunds!

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