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17 Mar 2017

Let AMTR Do Your Spring Cleaning

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Spring is in the air, which often brings on the motivation to tidy up our spaces and take on other projects which just did not seem right during the long winter. Spring cleaning, whether at work or home, can be a time to look at problems anew and to try different things. With regard to freight cost issues and problems, does your company need a fresh look? A new approach? A new partner?

Adding AMTR’s signature Smart Auditing© to your transportation routine can surely facilitate new process efficiencies and financial savings, but it may also challenge the way things have always been done in your company. Challenging the status quo can be uncomfortable, but AMTR stands ready to help. Keep these ideas in mind from the Harvard Business Review article “Five Mistakes Employees Make When Challenging the Status Quo” as you discuss the potential value of AMTR services:

Don’t go solo. Let AMTR answer any questions about services, process and implementation your company may have. We stand ready.

Don’t flunk the pitch meeting. Focus on the key idea that AMTR discovers lost freight cost dollars and recovers them through comprehensive claims management at zero cost to you.

Don’t give up quickly. New ideas are not always quickly accepted, but we can help you tell the story supported with facts. When freight cost refunds start coming in, everyone will know it was worth the time invested.

So this spring, think about how AMTR can help your company “clean up” your freight cost problems—we are ready to help you change the status quo for the better!

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