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AMTR’s forte is discovering and recovering overcharges during after-payment freight audits. With our vast knowledge and experience with overcharge claims, we can also provide crucial insight about unidentified or duplicate payments and undercharges—information that can save shippers money! The statutes that apply for overcharge claims apply to all of these, as well. 

While carriers start “spring cleaning” their accounting, they may send customers new invoices. When additional charges—for instance, an accessorial that was performed and not billed on the original invoice—are billed to customers, a request for payment must be submitted within 180 days from the invoice date, just as overcharge claims are. Check the dates before sending payment. However, if a payment was made in error and is beyond the filing time period, the law clearly allows a carrier and their client to work out any issues and
carriers can issue refunds.

Also note that on payments sent to carriers that cannot be identified, the carrier must send a notice to the payer. If there is not a response within 90 days of the notice, the carrier may consider the payment as owed for freight charges. From this point, a payer is bound by the standard claim procedures and timelines.

Do not let these time restrictions limit your opportunity to receive refunds. Let AMTR’s “Smart” auditors discover and recover your overcharged monies and educate your company through our audits!

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