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17 Mar 2017

Spring into Savings

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Mid-January through the end of February is typically the slowest time of the year for motor carrier transportation. As we move forward into spring, carriers can expect increased volumes and shippers may experience higher rates and longer wait times. AMTR has compiled a list of tips that will both help save money on freight and make sure loads are delivered on time.

First, shop around. Get estimates from a number of carriers to ensure you are receiving the best deal for lane. Next, make sure to devote adequate time to packaging your shipment. If a carrier offers discounts for shipments moved on pallets, palletize whenever possible. Likewise, consolidate shipments when it is feasible. Also, try to arrange for shipments as soon as possible. This will save money by avoiding paying for expedited service until it is absolutely necessary. Finally, employ AMTR’s Smart Auditing© to save on your freight costs.

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