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24 Apr 2017

The AMTR Difference: Tacit Knowledge

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As a knowledge-intensive company, AMTR has to be aware of what constitutes our mission-critical knowledge, as well as the nature of it—explicit or tacit. Explicit knowledge is defined as the kind of knowledge that we can write down and share with others in instructions, manuals or databases. It can also be easily captured, stored and transmitted. Tacit knowledge, however, includes know-how, rules of thumb, experience, insight and intuition. This type is hard to capture, express or transmit. Although AMTR’s mission-critical knowledge is both tacit and explicit, tacit knowledge has always been at the core of our business model and is the essence of the “AMTR difference” and competitive advantage.

Much of the hype in the freight cost industry currently focuses on audits using automated technologies such as rate engines, transportation management systems and various payment systems. These are great tools, no doubt, but they are built based on explicit–or codified–knowledge. These tools can identify errors but only within a narrow domain as defined by the codified algorithms and parameters they have been programmed to recognize.

Shippers understand that freight is complex. Some of the complexities that drive freight cost problems include automation, system conversions, governing document accuracy, transportation knowledge loss and tighter payment deadlines. Computers cannot handle many aspects of those complexities very well, and that is where our freight audit experts come into play. Only humans can bring tacit knowledge to bear; only AMTR auditors can look at the big picture and follow up with the questions, research and knowledge required.

When it comes to freight cost audits, shippers have lots of choices. Choose AMTR and experience the tacit knowledge difference!

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