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24 Apr 2017

Costly Communication Breakdown

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Have you ever given someone a task and come back later to find it was done differently than expected? This happens everywhere, from large projects like home remodeling to smaller office requests such as an email. Regardless of where the disconnect occurs, it can be frustrating—not to mention time-consuming—to redo what is necessary. Another option is to just accept the way it is and move on. Often, when providing feedback to our clients about their freight costs, this type of situation is brought to light. Processes that were created and that met certain needs at the time of implementation are discovered to be working differently than expected due to different demands and unforeseen changes. This can include IT programming, data entry and payment approval processes. Sometimes even the contract rates contain a glitch which may prevent them from being applied to loads properly.

Great ideas may be implemented and function properly, but having an objective, outside source look at every angle is crucial to identifying various misinterpretations that occur along the way. Let a team with expert freight knowledge analyze your processes today!

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