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24 Apr 2017

Impact of Change: NMFC Supplements

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Multiple times per year, the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) manual is revised through the issuances of supplements. Some of the most impactful changes made by these updates are the cancellation or alteration of article classifications. Most supplements issued by the NMFC contain dozens of items which are canceled, added or altered. It is critical for shippers to be aware of the class changes within these supplements and when they are effective, as these changes have big repercussions on shipping costs.

Shippers may use templates for their bills of lading with pre-determined NMFC item numbers and descriptions. They may even afford blank areas for weight, dimensions, number of packages, type of package, etc. If the template contains an item which was canceled or altered by a NMFC supplement, the shipment will be vulnerable to carrier inspections. These templates may remain in error for years. When carrier billing clerks encounter a canceled classification, a generic class may be applied that is more costly. Sometimes, a density based NOI class will be utilized as a default option.

AMTR is diligent in reviewing item cancellations and updates from supplements before they become effective and affect your shipping costs. Let us assist in avoiding any costly oversights!

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