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22 May 2017

The Classification Team Lineup

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With over 35 years of auditing success, AMTR LTL freight audits are based on a high percentage of classification errors. Classifications can be difficult to decipher and assign. To better understand classifications, their purpose and the history, you first have to understand the entity that creates LTL classifications.

The Commodity Classification Standards Board was brought about by 49 U.S. Code § 13703 with an antitrust exemption to establish its own classifications. The CCSB investigates, initiates, considers and acts on matters affecting the provisions of the NMFC through the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. One of the 18 freight class options is assigned based on the product’s characteristics: density, stowability, handling and liability. If there are exceptions to these classifications, they can be found within a carrier’s rules tariff or included in a shipper’s pricing document.

Do not miss out on freight cost savings by having freight misclassified. Let AMTR’s expert team recover overcharges on classification errors affecting your freight invoices.

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