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19 Jul 2017

Firework Freight

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‘Tis the season for those bright and beautiful explosives. Consumer fireworks are shipped via ground within the United States and are deemed Division 1.4G explosives, and therefore, considered hazardous goods. It is vital that these products are transported in a manner that is safe for shippers, receivers, drivers and the general public.

Transportation of fireworks is regulated by the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49 Parts 171-180. As with any hazardous material, there are regulations that require hazardous licensing by drivers, placards to be placed on each side of a trailer, development and implementation of safety and security plans, and proper bill of lading and packaging identification. Furthermore, products are required to be loaded, blocked and braced in such a way as to restrict movement that happens in transit. Naturally, fireworks must also be protected from any potential sources of ignition. Failure to adhere to these safety procedures will not only jeopardize the safety of all parties involved, but it could also lead to severe punishments; maximum penalties are $110K civil penalty per violation, and $500K fine and 10 years in prison criminal penalty.

Putting safety first is always the right route to take. Consult with all governing authorities and review all applicable regulations before packaging and shipping any hazardous goods. Keep America safe!

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