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As we travel the country meeting potential clients, we are often asked about our compensation model. While many of our competitors base their compensation on leveraged potential future savings, our compensation deals exclusively with freight dollars that have already been spent. Our fees are based solely on actual recoveries we collect on a client’s behalf, making our service free of any upfront costs.

At AMTR, it is plain and simple—we discover overcharges, we file claims on clients’ behalf and return a large portion of the recoveries to them. Ask any of our clients how nice it is to receive a check in the mail refunding monies they thought were forever spent. It may be July, but that always feels like Christmas!

Our SMART audit team has the transportation knowledge and expertise to understand the billing pitfalls of the freight industry, and can even help companies that use the most advanced transportation management systems and largest payment firms. The dollars we recover go right back to our clients’ bottom line as profit, so our service has the same impact as securing a new, high-dollar client that costs nothing to procure or support!

If you are interested in a no-nonsense audit of your freight costs, contact us. At AMTR, our service never costs, it only pays! It is truly a NO risk, HIGH reward proposition for our business partners.

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