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19 Sep 2017

“Invisible Gorillas” Can Cost You

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In one of psychology’s most famous experiments, Harvard researchers Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris popularized the idea of the “Invisible Gorilla.” The idea stems from the result of an experiment wherein students were asked to watch a one-minute basketball game video and count how many passes were made by the team wearing white, while ignoring the passes made by the team in black. Midway through the video, a student in a gorilla suit walked into the scene, looked straight at the camera and pounded her chest for seven seconds. See the video yourself at theinvisiblegorilla.com. Surprisingly, upon questioning, only half the students who watched the film reported seeing a gorilla! The rest of the students were concentrating so hard on counting passes that they never saw it.

Importantly, this experiment brought focus to a phenomenon called “inattentional blindness”—an error of perception that results from lack of attention to an unexpected object. This name distinguishes the phenomenon from blindness as a result of a damaged visual system; objects are not seen, but not because of a problem
with the eyes.

In the business of freight costs, there are many invisible gorillas. At AMTR, our years of auditing experience prime us to see the unexpected where others may not. Where many of our clients’ attention is spread across myriad tasks and responsibilities, our attention is focused on freight cost accuracy. Not seeing important freight errors can cost you. AMTR is here to help make the invisible, visible, and save you money at the same time.

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