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FedEx and UPS recently announced their 2017 holiday surcharge schedules. While both companies will institute surcharges over the holidays, they are each taking a different approach, giving customers a choice to make. 

The good news is that FedEx will exempt customers from most holiday fees. Based on a statement released by the carrier on August 3rd, the only exception will be on large, bulky items that require special handling. For such items, the price will increase between $3 and $300 per package.   

As for UPS, they will add a surcharge of 27 cents per parcel package beginning November 19th. An additional 97 cents per parcel package will apply from December 17-23. UPS spokesperson Glenn Zacarra stated that “…the company must double daily delivery volume for six to seven consecutive weeks to meet customer demands.” Small businesses and individuals will be subject to the fees, while large customers with contracts will not be affected.

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