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In the U.S., the recent presidential election has sparked new thinking regarding supply chain strategies in what may be a new era of Protectionism. Protectionism—an economic philosophy that centers on shielding a country’s industries from foreign competition—has many companies re-evaluating their supply chains. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, “Rethinking Your Supply Chain in an Era of Protectionism,” authors Justin Rose and Martin Reeves state, “Adjusting to new economic realities as well as political and economic uncertainties will require making supply chains more resilient.” They suggest that so much is changing in the world that even the “most fundamental assumptions [about supply chains] must be questioned.”

Of course, rail transportation is a significant element of many supply chains. This year alone, AMTR has seen numerous changes taking place with the re-emergence of the Surface Transportation Board and pending legislation issues. Although there is much uncertainty in the industry, AMTR’s knowledge of transportation, freight charges, billing issues and overcharge recovery processes will remain a constant. Whatever changes our clients implement in their supply chains, we will be there to ensure freight costs are kept at the absolute minimum and any unreasonable charges are identified.

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