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According to the 2017 Trucking Perspectives report published in a recent issue of Inbound Logistics, the number one challenge faced by shippers is “reducing transport[ation] costs.” Seventy-nine percent (79%) of the Trucking Survey respondents stated that this is their greatest challenge, up from 71% in 2016. Rail shippers are similarly concerned about costs. As reported in the Soy Transportation Coalition’s annual Railroad Report Card released earlier this fall, rail rates were recognized as one of the top two issues.

When talking about reducing transportation costs, there are a number of strategies available to shippers, whether truck or rail.  According to Alex Stark of logistics company Kane Is Able, some of the simplest strategies include: contracting steady volume lanes, developing relationships with carriers, increasing efficiency of load/unload times and shipping more product, less often. Of course, there are other front-end strategies to consider; however, implementing a less often thought of—but equally beneficial—freight cost audit on the back end of freight transactions is a strategy worthy of attention, as well. At AMTR, freight cost audits are our specialty. We help our clients reduce transportation costs—some to the tune of millions of dollars—through overcharge claims filing and recovery, freight-related data analytics, and by simply getting to know the ins and outs of their transportation business as if it were our own. Although we use state-of-the art knowledge-discovery technologies to enable our audits, our SMART, human transportation experts are always in the lead. If your company is looking for a NO COST way to reduce your transportation expenses, let’s talk some turkey. With AMTR SMART Auditing®, you will be saying thanks all the way to the bank.

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